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Yongnuo YN06 LED Auto Flash for Iphone


Yongnuo YN06 is a LED auto flash and video light for the Apple iphone. Yongnuo YN06 is the first external flash unit for iPhones which automatically syncs with the iPhone as well as provides automatic exposures. The YN06 can also be used as a video light, with a run time of up to 20 minutes at full power. Or used in a pinch simply as a handy torch light, even while disconnected from the phone.

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Yongnuo YN06 LED Auto Flash for Iphone

Yongnuo YN06 is the compact and lightweight LED auto flash for iPhone. YN06 is housed in a 50mm diameter, stylish and durable, anodized alloy frame. YN06 is available in 4 colors to match your phone.

Inside are 28 high powered SMD LED light beads, which provide 3.7 watts continuous light, and 490 Lumens in flash mode. YN06 is a High quality light source. It uses photography dedicated LED lamp beads and has a higher color rendering index than the home LED lighting which guarantees better color reproduction, higher brightness and greater illumination angle.


Yongnuo YN06 has two operating modes:


In Flash Mode, for taking still images, the YN06 not only sync with the iPhone, but provide automatic exposure levels as well.
The YN06’s 250 mHa battery can provide over 1000 flash shots.


In Video Mode the YN06 provide 4 times the light of the iPhones built in LED light, and will run for 20 minutes at full power.
The LED light is also manually dimmable in 10 precise stages.


Yongnuo YN06 LED flash - specifications:

Battery Capacity: 250 mAh
Power: 3.7 Watt
Weight: 29.8 g
Size: 5cm x 1.2 cm
Flash Brightness: 490 Lumens
Number of Flashes: More than 1000 times
Fill Light Video Time: 20 minutes


Yongnuo YN06 - package includes:

1 x Yongnuo YN06 LED auto flash
1 x User Manual


Yongnuo YN06 is available in 4 colors (gold, rose gold, silver, grey). Please specify desired color at checkout


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