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Yongnuo YN900 Pro LED Light 5500K


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Yongnuo YN900 LED Light is a great LED light for photo and video shooting. This is one of the best and most powerful LED products on the market.

Formed by 900 5500K high-quality LED lamp beads of extra-large luminous chips. The YN900 Pro LED Video light is amazing product for the money, with 900 LED beads daylight balanced to 5500K, barn doors and gels and is perfect for studio or on-location shooting. YN900 can be powered by two lithium batteries or external 19V and 5A direct current power supply which is very convenient for long time use. It also has remote controller which makes your job a lot easier

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Yongnuo YN900 LED Light

Yongnuo YN900 LED panel is brilliantly made, and for its price and features, unbeatable. Yongnuo YN900 LED light is too cheap for what it offers. You could easily buy seven of these for the price of one Litepanels Astra for example. At half the power draw. And double the light output. At half the weight. And Yongnuo has been around for a long time making really good products for both photographers and videographers. Just imagine, you can use 10 Yongnuo YN900 LEDs to get the same light output as 10 650 W fresnels, but at only 540 W! The fresnels will need 6,500W! And a lot of air-conditioning…and tissue paper…and bulbs…

FeatureLitepanels Astra 1×1Litepanels 1×1YN900
Power draw110W40W54W
Light output 5500K (lux)31804906000
Beam angle465055
Weight3.2kg1.36kg1.48 kg
Passive coolingYesYesNo
ControlDMXDMXRemote, App
Battery operationYesYesYes
XLR powerYesNoNo
DC powerYesYesYes

There is also Yongnuo YN900 3200-5500K model here

Yongnuo YN900 LED light is formed by 900 5500K high-quality lamp beads of extra-large luminous chips, with higher brightness at same energy consumption. In addition, it adopts the latest LED driving technology, which ensures the light not appear as corrugated, stroboscopic or manifest any other negative phenomena when shooting. Moreover it effectively improves the conversion efficiency, adopts the encoder digital dimming mode, thus the camera light can be dimmed accurately and reliable, and will not lead to undesirable effects such as light shaking after long-time use. Yongnuo YN900 LED light has digital display that allows you to view the current operating state. Besides, the camera light is equipped with powerful functions such as power test, wireless remote control the groups to adjust the brightness.

Yongnuo YN900 LED Light - features

  • Yongnuo YN900 LED is equipped with multi channel wireless remote controller which is used to adjust the luminous intensity and control the switch of YN900, and is also convenient to control the luminous intensity and the switches of 8 groups of video lights.
  • A mobile APP is provided on Yongnuo official website. It can help you control this LED video light with your mobile phone, read current parametera of the luminous intensity and channel, control the luminous intensity and the switches of 8 groups of video lights individually.
  • Adopts 900 high-quality LED lamp beads with chips of extra-large luminous area. Greater luminous intensity, more uniform facular and longer service life at the same energy consumption.
  • Adopts Yongnuo proprietary LED driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
  • Use encoder digital dimming system, including coarse tuning mode and fine tuning mode.
  • Intuitional parameter of the power output on the LED digital display screen.
  • Supports external DC power input for long time shooting.
  • Fan forced heat dissipation solves the heating problem after long use.
  • Comes with 2 temperature filters, so the LED can be used under different circumstances.

Yongnuo YN900 LED Light - specifications:

Light source: 900 LED beads.
Luminance angle: 55 degrees.
Color temperature: 5500K.
Mobile phone remote control distance/remote control distance: >20m.
Color rendering index: ≥95.
Output power: 54W.
Lumen: 7200LM.
Average service life: 50000H.
Power supply: 2 lithium batteries or external 19V or 5A DC power supply (NOT included)
Package weight: approx. 1500g.
Dimension: approx. 260x188x48mm.
Net Weight: approx. 900g

Yongnuo YN900 LED Light - Compatible Batteries:

Sony NP-F series: NP-F750; NP-F550; NP-F950/B; NP-F530; NP-F970; NP-F970/B; NP-F570; NP-F770; NP-F960; NP-F930; NP-F930/B; NP-F950; NP-F330.

Yongnuo YN900 LED Light - package includes:

1 x Yongnuo YN900 LED video light 5500K
1 x Remote controller
1 x Handle
1 x User manual
2 x CT filter
1 x Original package

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