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Yongnuo YN300W E-TTL Studio Strobe


Yongnuo YN300W is YongNuo’s first TTL enabled studio light. The YN300W monolights have Canon Optic Wireless slave function built in, as well as being compatible with the popular YN-622C TTL radio trigger system. This means the YN300W can be used together with regular TTL speedlites, all using the same radio trigger system, and providing TTL metering and remote manual power control. As well as features like Second Curtain Sync, and Flash Exposure Bracketing.

The YN300W are mains powered studio lights.  There is a cooling fan built-in and a large LCD control panel on the rear, along with a sync socket, slave cell and USB port for firmware updates.

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Yongnuo YN300W | TTL Studio Strobe

Yongnuo YN300W is a TTL capable studio flash. It has an optical slave sensor, a PC sync port and a TTL hot shoe for the YN622 trigger system. This means if one uses YN300W together with Yongnuo YN622 trigger system, it supports e-TTL! The semi-pro and enthusiast photographer can easily extend their existing TTL flashes by a powerful 300W studio flash and keep all the TTL functions.

This 300W studio strobe has a guide number of 56 as ISO 100, has a flash duration of 1/50000s-1/800s, a recycling time of 0.1-1.1s, and a 150W modeling lamp. Not just that, but it’s compatible with Canon’s E-TTL and Canon optical transmission wireless triggering systems, as well as PC, USB, and even TTL radio through a hot-shoe. For those who prefer to shoot more manually, it also packs an LCD screen for setting it up by hand.

The optical slave supports Canon optical-transmission E-TTL and the hotshoe foot fits radio trigger receivers, meaning this studio-sized flash head supports advanced features such as rear-curtain sync, auto-TTL and flash exposure compensation (but seemingly not HSS). This puts the YN300W up against high-end competition such as the Profoto B1 AirTTL (which is about two thirds more powerful) as well as consumer accessory flashguns (about five times less powerful).

Yongnuo YN300W - specifications:

  • Flash power: 300Ws
  • Flash color temperature: 5500K~6700K
  • Supply voltage: AC182~AC265V 50Hz
  • Power regulation: 1/1-1/128
  • Guide No: 56m ISO100
  • Recycling time: 0.1~1.1sec.
  • Flash duration: 1/50000s~1/800s
  • Modeling lamp bulb: E27 220V 150W
  • Modeling flash: sync mode, ratio mode, custom mode, modeling light off mode
  • Flash mode: ETTL, Manual, Canon optical transmission wireless triggering, S1, S2
  • Trigger mode: testing flash, optical triggering, PC sync triggering, flash trigger
  • External interface: hot-shoe, PC terminal, USB terminal
  • Additional function: first-curtain sync, second-curtain sync, FEB, exposure compensation, prompt tone, auto save settings, clear settings, over-temperature protection, PC sync, advanced options, power saving mode, built-in cooling fans, large LCD display screen
  • Function locking
  • Fuse: T6.3A 250V
  • Sync voltage: DC3.3V
  • Gross Weigth: 3.5kg

Yongnuo YN300W - package includes:

1 x Yongnuo YN300W Studio Strobe
1 x Modeling lamp bulb
1 x Light head Reflector
1 x Power cord
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Protection cover


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