Yongnuo Flashes for Canon & Nikon DSLRs

5500K LED Lights

5500K color temperature LED Lights are the most popular amongst LED Lights. 5500K LEDs are used for high color definition and 5500K color temperature is comparable to typical noon day sun in many parts of the world. Most Yongnuo LED Lights comes with 5500K daylight balanced LEDs like Yongnuo YN300, Yongnuo YN600, Yongnuo YN900, Yongnuo YN168, Yongnuo SYD-0808, SYD-1509 and other. Also, Yongnuo offers bi-color 3200-5500K versions with both worm and cool LEDS where half the leds are 3200K and half are 5500K. 5500K LEDs are more powerful, brighter since all LEDs are always turned on. Bi-color versions are more versatile but have half the power because if you choose 3200K settings only half the LEDs will be turned on and the same if you choose 5500K setting. In the first case you will need to use provided CT filters to adjust the temperature but you will still have more power.