Yongnuo 35mm f/2 lens for Nikon – available at Yongnuo Store

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 for Nikon

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 lens for Nikon – available at Yongnuo Store

Yongnuo’s long-awaited 35mm lens for Nikon DSLR cameras is now available for sale. You can purchase it through our store. Check the YN35mm product page.

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 is the 2nd Yongnuo lens for Nikon F mount cameras. This lens features a metal lens mount, 7 diaphragm blades and a minimum focusing distance of 0.25m.

Canon version of 35mm f2 lens has been on the market for 1 year now. Nikon shooters had to wait much longer for F mount version.

The 35mm f/2 Lens for Nikon F Mount from Yongnuo is a very lightweight standard focal length prime lens with a fast maximum aperture for effective low light capture and shallow depth of field control. With both manual and auto focus capability, this is a versatile, convenient and easy-to-carry optic with a focal length ideal for everyday shooting. Multi-coated lens optics provide enhanced light transmission and reduce ghosting and flare. The lens fits Nikon F mount DSLRs in both the full frame and APS-C format. On APS-C format cameras, its 35mm focal length equivalence is 52mm. Its minimum focus distance is 0.25m and it offers a 58mm filter thread diameter.

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 for Nikon


f/2 large aperture allows you to take photos in low-light conditions and to separate the subject from background. Like most prime lenses, this 35mm f2 lens offers a lot for such a price. Perfect as a wide lens for full-frame digital and film, and a normal lens for 1.6x cameras. Excellent for use in low light


Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 for Nikon

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 lens for Nikon cameras is a great prime lens that is an excellent addition to the Nikon 18-55mm kit lens. This lens gives you 3 stops or eight times (2x2x2) more light coming through the lens opening than standard f/5.6 kit lenses. Great lens for taking portraits, low light photography, street, casual shooting and everyday use.

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 for Nikon

Yongnuo YN35mm f/2 Lens for Nikon - Price and Availability:

Yongnuo 35mm f/2 lens for Nikon is available at Yongnuo Store for $102

Yongnuo YN35mm f2 is much more affordable than main competitor Nikon 35mm AF-S 1.8G which usually sells for $215 or more.

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