Yongnuo YN622 II for Canon and Nikon – Available at Yongnuo Store

Yongnuo YN622C II

Yongnuo YN622C II and YN622N II triggers for Canon and Nikon – Now available

The recently announced Yongnuo YN622C II for Canon and YN622N II for Nikon are now available for $78 (2PCs) at Yongnuo Store.

Updates to the very popular original YN622 TTL triggers include quick release lever locking hot-shoe, and most importantly USB port for firmware updates, as well as an easily selectable 560-RX mode, and slightly more flush mounted buttons.

Yongnuo YN622N II

The updated YN622C II and YN622N II will again provide an 560-RX communication mode, as we have already seen in the Version 1.2 YN622C available since January 2015.

Though this 560-RX mode is now easily selectable via the units On/Off switch.

Yongnuo YN622C II

The 560-RX mode allows the Remote Manual YN560-TX to act as a transmitter unit to YN622 II as receivers, while providing remote manual power and remote zoom control.

(The Manual YN560, and TTL YN622 systems where originally completely separate and incompatible systems. With this Yongnuo is now working to slowly provide some compatibility between them).

Yongnuo YN622C II

Hardware updates to the YN622C II include the addition of quick release lever locking hot-shoes, as well as USB port for firmware updates, and slightly more flush sitting Channel, Group, and Test buttons, which may be less prone to accidental changes. The addition of a USB port to the YN622C II for firmware updates also now opens the possibility for new features and functions to be periodically added in the future.

Yongnuo YN622C II

Yongnuo YN622C II and YN622N II for Canon and Nikon - PRICE AND AVAILABILITY

Yongnuo YN622C II triggers for Canon are available at Yongnuo Store for $78

Yongnuo YN622N II triggers for Nikon are available at Yongnuo Store for $78.

You should also consider adding Yongnuo YN622C-TX commander for Canon and YN622N-TX commander for Nikon system for even more features and user friendly interface.

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