Yongnuo Flashes for Canon & Nikon DSLRs

3200-5500K LED Lights

3200-5500K LED Lights are very popular amongst LED Lights for their versatility. Unlike 5500K versions with these bi-color LEDs you do not need to use separate color temperature filters. Yongnuo offers most LED lights in both 5500K only and 3200-5500K version. Check out the most popular ones: Yongnuo YN300 II, Yongnuo YN600, Yongnuo YN900, Yongnuo YN160 III.
Bi-color LEDs are more versatile but have less power because if you choose 3200K settings only half the LEDs will be turned on and the same if you choose 5500K setting. 5500K models have more power but you will need to use CT filters in order to achieve temperature other than 5500K.