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Yongnuo YN560EX is a new flash from Yongnuo. It is a more advanced version of the YN560II having one major difference, the ability to have TTL while its off your camera, controlled by a master flash (like the Canon 580EX II or Yongnuo YN568EX II) or other ST units. Therefore if you are a TTL shooter, the 560EX will be great for you! The YN-560EX is another step in the Yongnuo flash development as Yongnuo offers many impressive strobist flash units already, and it has the same specifications like the YN-560II

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Yongnuo YN560EX  | Flash for Canon and Nikon

Yongnuo YN560EX is Yongnuo’s new slave only TTL flash. It has been renamed from YN-EX600 flash to YN-560EX. The YN-560EX is a manual flash but can act as a wireless TTL slave via Canon or Nikon’s wireless flash commanders (yes it is cross-compatible with Canon and Nikon). This flash is a perfect companion for a modern camera with integrated TTL flash trigger, a ST-E2 or a TTL master flash providing infrared signals. An additional TTL trigger is not required. Because the flash is equipped with a manual hot shoe, one cannot use TTL if mounted on camera or with an additional radio flash trigger.

This flash YN560EX is a flash between YN565EX and YN560II. Ee can have this formula: YN560EX = YN565EX  Hotshoe TTL mode, or YN560EX = YN560II + Wireless TTL Slave mode.

Yongnuo YN560EX - features

  • AWL SUPPORTED FOR Nikon and Canon’s system – The YN-560EX can be triggered by 580EX II, SB-900/800/700, 7D/60D/600D/650D/700D/70D, Nikon c-command and ST-E3, and flashes with TTL mode as well as M/Multi mode. To enjoy wireless TTL lighting, ratio control, as well as remote control of output level, you may only take a camera with built-in commander mode, and the YN-560EX.
  • A brand new look – The brand new design looks generous, original, solid and reliable
  • Large LCD panel – Large LCD panel, you can look into and set the functions on the LCD panel clearly and directly
  • Multi flash supported – Yongnuo new manual speedilite supports Multi flash mode
  • GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm – Yongnuo new large guide number manual speedlite, supporting remote TTL, M and Multi modes
  • Multiple triggering mode supported – The YN-560EX can be triggered by hot-shoe, flash command slave mode, optical S1 and S2 (pre-flash-cancelled mode).
  • Supports motor zooming (24-105mm) – The YN-560EX covers a focal length range of 24-105mm by operating the zooming buttons
  • Supports remote TTL functions – In the case of remote mode, FEC, FEB, Rear curtain sync, FE lock is supported
  • Super speed of charging recycle – It takes only 2 seconds to finish a charging cycle after a full level output. Even without new batteries, you can get super charging speed that needs only 4 to 5 seconds.
  • 2.5mm type PC port provided – YN-560EX provides 2.5mm type PC port
  • Sound prompting system – When the sound prompt system is enabled, different sound alerts will prompt different working conditions of the speedlite allowing you to focus on shooting process (Note: the sounds can be turned off)
  • Advanced settings of the flash – The YN-560EX supports advanced settings; you can customize the unit according to your shooting preferences
  • Automatic settings saving – YN-560EX can save the current settings automatically

Yongnuo YN560EX - specifications:

  • GN 58m (ISO 100 / 105mm)
  • Flash Mode: M, Multi, Sc, Sn, S1, S2
  • Zoom Range: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105mm
  • Vertical Rotation Angle: -7~90 degrees
  • Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0~270 degrees
  • Power Supply: 4×AA size batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable, batteries are not included)
  • Support Remote TTL Functions: In the case of remote mode, FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock is supported.
  • Remote Wireless Trigger Supported: The YN-560EX supports remote wireless trigger function, which makes the Sc/Sn/S1/S2 mode can be used in outdoor environment and the wireless trigger distance is as long as 15 meters/49 feet.
  • Additional Features: Rear-curtain sync, FEC, FEB, FEV, the electronic flash head zooming, sound prompt, automatically saving setting, PC port, power saving mode, over heat protection, advanced setting.
  • Large LCD Panel. A Brand New Appearance.
  • FE Lock (Canon). FV Lock (Nikon). Flash exposure compensation. Supports High Speed Continuous Shooting. Multi-flash Lighting Application.
  • Super speed of charging recycle.
  • Metal hot-shoe stand.

Yongnuo YN560EX - compatible with:

Yongnuo YN560EX is compatible with all Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic DSLR Camera. Any camera with standard hot shoe.

Yongnuo YN560EX - package includes:

1 x Yongnuo YN560EX flash speedlite for Canon/Nikon
1 x Mini Stand
1 x Manual in English and Chinese
1 x Original box
1 x Soft case for flash

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Good flash speedlite for off-camera lighting. I use Canon system and share it with my colleague who uses Nikon and that is great

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